Concrete Pump


Mixamate Concrete have been supplying concrete for clients and projects for many years,  you can rely on our expert team to find a solution to any problem you may have which includes any and all access issues!

Sometimes getting your concrete isn’t as simple as placing the order because of access to your site. The area could be too tight to barrow, in a basement, high up above scaffold or even across steelwork. Either way you are going to need a pump to get that concrete to its desired location and we can help.

Not all jobs have easy access which is why we also offer concrete pumping at very competitive prices.
Mixamate Concrete has a Line Pump for those awkward jobs that not even a wheel barrow can get to, the pump uses powerful hydraulics to send the concrete up to 60 metres in length, this speeds up the process and still you are left with no waste.


Benefits of concrete pumps

There’s next to no mess, because there’s no risk of spills from wheelbarrows, and the benefits over other delivery are numerous and include:

  • Faster than using wheelbarrows
  • Save money on labour costs
  • Reach difficult access areas with ease
  • Save money on labour costs
  • Small and large loads pumped

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