About Us


We operate through North Wales, Chester & Wirral


Mixamate Concrete is a local family run business that has been delivering concrete to the North Wales and Chester area for over 35 years.

We are the original ” mix on site” company and we have become the leading specialists in delivering high-quality concrete in and around North Wales and Chester.


  • Fresh concrete mixed on site, and you only pay for what you use. There are no expensive part load charges or any waste.
  • Delivery to domestic and commercial sites, we only deliver the finest grade of concrete using the best of materials. 
  • A great team of lads who are experienced and very professional who will go out of their way to ensure your delivery is straight forward.
  • Highly sophisticated volumetric concrete trucks that can deliver up to 9m3 at a time, which are regularly calibrated.

  • Concrete pump available for hard to reach areas not accessible by wheelbarrows
  • Debit and credit card payments accepted,  we have a mobile card terminal on the wagon.
  • Same day / next day delivery service.
  • Night work can be arranged – call the office for more details
  • FREE wheel barrowing upto a reasonable distance
  • Concrete strengths C10 to C40 available, also anti crack fibres to prevent cracking and improve the performance of concrete.

Freequently Asked Questions


I'm not sure how much concrete I need, can you help me?

Surveys have shown that even professional builders can over or underestimate the amount of concrete they need by up to 40%. Often it’s only possible to make a rough guess, but a rough guess is all we need. You can even use our Concrete Calculator to help you. Phone us with just an approximate idea of how much you’ll need and we’ll be there fast, ready to mix the exact amount of concrete needed to suit your requirements.

I only need a very small amount of concrete... will you deliver this amount?

Our minimum delivery charge is 1m3 – although if you need to use less you can use less, so we’re the ideal delivery service for small and medium sized jobs like driveways, garage bases, garden paths, footings and oversites.

How much concrete can you deliver?

Our vehicles carry enough cement, aggregate and water to mix up to 9 cubic metres in a single delivery.

Isn’t it cheaper to mix the concrete myself?

Mixamate can be far more cost efficient than mixing it yourself. Mixamate saves you the expense and inconvenience of hiring equipment, estimating the amount of raw materials you need and allocating valuable labour to mix concrete. Remember, one cubic metre of concrete weighs over 2 tonnes or over 20 full barrow loads which involves a lot of hard work. If you’ve over or underestimated the amount of materials required for the job you also have a big problem.

Do you take credit card payment?
Yes, we accept all types of debit/credit cards. We have a mobile card terminal on the wagon.
What areas will you deliver to?

We deliver to North Wales, Chester and the Wirral.

What are your opening hours?

Mon-Friday:  8.00am – 5.30pm

Saturday    :  8.00am – 1.30pm 

Out of hours service available, please call the office for more details.